Sweater from Gotland wool


I got Gotland wool to try out already in November. Meanwhile I had other knitting to do and now I finally made it. I decided that in order to show the beauty of the yarn I will do plain stockinette. It is 100 g/300 m.
 It was clear to me that I want a circular yoke sweater. I made a swatch and started. Ribbing was with 3.5 mm and body with 4 mm needles. Then I noticed that the fabric was too dense. Of course it is a matter of taste but I dislike knitwear that looks like a  bullet-proof vest. I ripped it up and started with the same number of stitches (72) but with 4 and 4.5 mm needles respectively. The fabric was nice this time but the neck opening was kind of loose. Again, it is a matter of taste but I like it when neck opening is rather small, especially if we are talking about a very warm sweater. Then I made the third attempt, this time with 64 stitches (needles 4 and 4.5 mm). This time it was right. 

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