Nice meeting with knitting friends

Marianne came to Tallinn this week. She brought me some yarn, so that I would be able to complete a scarf, as well as to start some new designs.
We made some plans. There will be a fair in Helsinki in the beginning of March. Marianne will participate and I will be there at least for one day. In the picture you see two completed sweaters and  some yarns. The grey one is Gotland wool that I used for the grey sweater. Now I will probably make a scarf or a shawl. Turquoise variegated yarn is a new yarn by  Adele's Mohair, probably, something for a scarf or a shawl.
 Then we visited Külli at Domus Linum shop.
Külli wanted to try on the blue sweater and Marianne is wearing my Kristiina sweater. Estonian and Lithuanian wool is in the background.

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