Moody yarn


A good friend has sent me some cotton named Lily, 100 % cotton, 100 g/392 m. This friend of mine has knitted with two strands some textured patterns. I thought I could do a summer top with "brick" pattern. But then problems started. 
With yarn held double, the "brick" pattern did not look nice. The weather was rainy at that point and I thought that sumer knitting is over and I could combine this cotton with mohair and make an autumn sweater instead. I put the cotton together with Angora 2. 
The contrast here was too much for me but this is not a real problem because I always can find a darker mohair. Still, once the swatch was completely dry, I noticed that the fabric is biased even when working back and forth, so you imagine what can happen in round knitting! Then I tried the "brick" pattern.
In general, the combination of cotton and mohair is somewhat unusual to touch but the colour and the pattern seemed fine. I already started making calculations for the sweater but then suddenly a new idea came to me: to make different textures with different yarns of the same colour, for instance, some other cotton in stockinette alternating with garter stitch stripes in this yarn (held double). And the weather is sunny again, so I can fit in one summer knit. 
The moody yarn is somewhat shiny and there is a nice alternation. I will be able to join the back and the front piece soon. At this point I think it is a right solution. So far so good.

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