Knitting means constructing


The construction in question is not new neither invented by me. I have seen this type of shoulder many times and now decided to try it out.
I like thinking about various constructions and what features they have. As everyone, I have my favourite ones.  I decided to try it with a thick yarn (50 g/100 m), cotton-linen blend. For the sake of simplicity, I am making a summer top. This is the beginning:
The cast on edge is the width of the back neck. I made some short rows to shape it. In every right side row I increase 4 sts (2 sts at each edge). Of course, it is possible to increase 1 st at each edge in every row but it is a matter of choice (the sum is 4 increased sts per 2 rows anyway). Once I had reached the right width of the back piece, I picked up stitches for the front pieces ad shaped the neck opening. 
This is how the back looks like now.

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