Cotton sweater under construction


I have knitted summer tops from this yarn. It is Cotton Gold (by Alize), cotton-acrylic blend, 100 g/330 m. It does not get nappy and is machine washable etc.
This is one of my favourite models, I have knitted many summer tops and sweaters from various yarns with this stitch pattern and I have one in my 2020 collections. The thing is that one such sweater in merino-polyamide blend has become nappy and cannot be worn anymore, so I thought it needs a heir, so to say. So something not too warm, 100 g/300-400 m.
I had doubts at some point. Everything looked fine (the pattern, the fit, the proportions etc.) but it was a somehow strange feeling because I am not used to cotton sweaters, that is, the feeling you get when cotton sleeves touch the skin. Still, I decided to give it a go. Now I have just to add a couple of pattern repeats to the torso.

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