Brioche stitch and its varieties


Brioche and half-brioche stitch and half-brioche with garter stitch are fluffy and create fun fabric. Now many favour also two colour brioche. It is not difficult to knit brioche fabric, yet the result is simple and beautiful. 
Mohair scarves in brioche stitch is a real classic.  You can add a thin thread of wool or merino in a contrasting colour, as I did here. 
I knitted two scarves in this manner.
Then I've knitted sweaters in half-brioche stitch and this one is suitable for the current weather when it is not too cold yet but the summer is gone. The yarn is a merino-polyamide blend. 

Variegated yarns are favoured by many knitters, yet rather often one does not quite know what to knit from them.  There are several option, one of them being brioche stitch. This scarf is knitted in full brioche.
Finally, it is possible to combine brioche or half-brioche with eyelets. Here is a swatch and later I will make a scarf in this stich.

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