A story of two sweaters

This story started in 2016. I bought some nice grey wool (fingering weight) at a fair in Tallinn. The distributor is located in Tartu and the choice of yarns and colours is rather good. In the beginning of 2017 I started a simple sweater. The only problem was that I needed some more yarn, as I had to work the torso for some 4-5 cm. Unfortunately, they did not have this kind of grey. 
I  wrote later but the answer remained the same. Apparently, the manufacturer had some problems, so the distributor could not help me. It was impossible to find the same shade of grey, so I put the unfinished sweater to wait. Usually I don't have unfinished projects, so it was bothering me. Then I offered the sweater to Külli, the owner of Domus Linum, the yarn store I cooperate with. As she has a shorter torso, the fit was perfect, I only had to rip some stokinette and to make the ribbing instead. Here it is:
Then I still wanted a sweater like this for myself. If not grey, then black. I ordered the yarn from the same distributor. As they did not have grey, I ordered black. The yarn has been waiting for a long time but finally I manage to make the sweater.
By the way, the picture was taken at Domus Linum store and you see Estonian and Lithuanian wool behind my back. The calculation was almost identical. It is a warm and a light sweater, I like how it turned out.

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